Commit cd02d6f4 authored by Joris Steyn's avatar Joris Steyn Committed by Ralf Habacker
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Update documentation window on key navigation

Selecting a different tree item using the keyboard now updates the
documentation window just like what would happen when using the mouse.

The keyboard can also be used to select a different diagram from the tree view.

BUG: 151047
parent f9627016
......@@ -178,6 +178,17 @@ void UMLListView::slotItemSelectionChanged()
DEBUG(DBG_SRC) << "performing cancelRename";
// Update current view to selected object's view
if (Model_Utils::typeIsDiagram(currItem->type())) {
// If the user navigates to a diagram, load the diagram just like what
// would happen when clicking on it (includes saving/showing the documentation)
} else {
// If the user navigates to any other item, save the current object's
// documentation and show selected object's documentation
UMLApp::app()->docWindow()->showDocumentation(currItem->umlObject(), true);
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