Commit e3e22e95 authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker
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Prepare fetching of debug packages which may be added to the installers in future.

parent da1700a5
......@@ -49,6 +49,11 @@ download)
# we only need once source package
#src64pkg=$(osc $oscoptions ls -b -r $REPO -a x86_64 windows:mingw:win64 mingw64-umbrello | grep src)
#osc $oscoptions getbinaries --sources windows\:mingw:\win32 mingw64-umbrello $REPO x86_64 $src64pkg
# fetch debug packages
#debug32pkg=$(osc $oscoptions ls -b -r $REPO -a x86_64 windows:mingw:win32 mingw32-umbrello | grep debug)
#osc $oscoptions getbinaries windows\:mingw:\win32 mingw32-umbrello $REPO x86_64 $debug32pkg
#debug64pkg=$(osc $oscoptions ls -b -r $REPO -a x86_64 windows:mingw:win64 mingw64-umbrello | grep debug)
#osc $oscoptions getbinaries windows\:mingw:\win64 mingw64-umbrello $REPO x86_64 $debug64pkg
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