Commit e5fd427a authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker
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Do not write unrelated xmi attributes for UMLInstance.

UMLInstance attributes are written with UMLObject::save1() which
wrotes unrelated attributes 'isLead', 'isRoot', and 'isAbstract'.
parent c91a4bf9
......@@ -853,7 +853,8 @@ QDomElement UMLObject::save1(const QString &tag, QDomDocument & qDoc)
qElement.setAttribute(QLatin1String("isSpecification"), QLatin1String("false"));
if (m_BaseType != ot_Association &&
m_BaseType != ot_Role &&
m_BaseType != ot_Attribute) {
m_BaseType != ot_Attribute &&
m_BaseType != ot_Instance) {
qElement.setAttribute(QLatin1String("isLeaf"), QLatin1String("false"));
qElement.setAttribute(QLatin1String("isRoot"), QLatin1String("false"));
if (m_bAbstract)
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