Commit f1fc967d authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker
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Fix 'Documentation window does not show doc for association widgets with non empty name'.

Selecting an association widget also selects the related labels
which let the selected widget count be > 0.

FIXED-IN:2.22.3 (KDE Applications 17.04.3)
parent a2578d04
......@@ -3762,8 +3762,7 @@ void AssociationWidget::setSelected(bool _select /* = true */)
// overwrites the docwindow, but we want the main association doc
// to win.
if (_select) {
if (m_scene->selectedCount() == 0)
UMLApp::app()->docWindow()->showDocumentation(this, false);
UMLApp::app()->docWindow()->showDocumentation(this, false);
} else
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