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      Coverity check of master@e2a24e0, CID 88343: Logical vs. bitwise operator... · 2cfaebaf
      Ralf Habacker authored
      Coverity check of master@e2a24e0, CID 88343: Logical vs. bitwise operator (CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_RESULT)
      logical_vs_bitwise: The expression me->button() == Qt::LeftButton &&
      Qt::KeyboardModifiers(me->modifiers()).operator int() && true /* Qt::ControlModifier */
      is suspicious because it performs a Boolean operation on a constant other than 0 or 1.
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      (In reply to comment #9) · d22ed2f5
      Oliver Kellogg authored
      > On component diagrams:
      > * Ports (on component edges)
      Here is a first stab at ports.
      umbrello/pics/sources/port.svg, umbrello/pics/port.png,
      - Port icon temporarily copied from node.{svg,png}, still to be reworked
        for proper port symbol.
      umbrello/port.{h,cpp}, umbrello/widgets/portwidget.{h,cpp}
      - Implementation for new UML object Port and its PortWidget.
        Known issues:
        1) The PortWidget is saved but is not restored on reloading the XMI file.
        2) On dragging a port on the diagram, the PortWidget should be made to
           snap to the nearest edge of the nearest ComponentWidget, i.e. the
           port should "stick" to a component on moving.
      - Add widgets/portwidget.cpp to libwidgets_SRCS.
      - Add port.cpp to libumbrello_SRCS.
      - At end of enum ObjectType, add value ot_Port.
      - At enum ListViewType, insert value lvt_Port before end-of-enum mark.
      - In functions slotEditFinished() and toString(), handle case lvt_Port.
      - At enum IconType add value it_Port.
      In function toString(IconType type), handle case it_Port.
      - At enum MenuType add value mt_Port.
      - In constructor
          ListPopupMenu(QWidget*, UMLListViewItem::ListViewType, UMLObject*)
        handle case UMLListViewItem::lvt_Port.
      - In function insertSingleSelectionMenu() handle case WidgetBase::wt_Port.
      - In functions insert() and insertSubMenuNew() handle case mt_Component.
      - In functions insertSubMenuNew() and setupMenu() handle case mt_Port.
      - In struct GeneralState add member bool uml2.
      - In group "General Options" add entry "uml2" for enabling UML2 notation.
      - In functions saveOptions() and readOptionState() handle new
        optionState.generalState member uml2.
      - In function dragEnterEvent(), set bAccept = true for `ot' value ot_Port.
      - In function isCloneable() handle case WidgetBase::wt_Port.
      - In functions uniqObjectName(), guessContainer(), convert_OT_LVT(), and
        convert_OT_MT(), handle case UMLObject::ot_Port.
      - In functions typeIsCanvasWidget(), typeIsAllowedInType(), convert_LVT_IT()
        handle case UMLListViewItem::lvt_Port.
      - In function createNewUMLObject() handle case UMLObject::ot_Port.
      - In function makeObjectFromXMI handle case UMLDoc::tagEq(xmiTag, "Port").
      - In function slotMenuSelection() handle case ListPopupMenu::mt_Port.
      - In function connectNewObjectsSlots() handle case UMLObject::ot_Port.
      - In functions findUMLObjectInFolder(), moveObject(), determineParentItem(),
        isUnique(), loadChildrenFromXMI(), handle case UMLListViewItem::lvt_Port.
      - In function slotMenuSelection() handle case ListPopupMenu::mt_Port.
      - At AssocRules::m_AssocRules[] add rules for Association and UniAssociation
        from wt_Port to wt_Interface.
      - At end of enum WidgetType, add value wt_Port.
      - In function slotMenuSelection(), at case ListPopupMenu::mt_Properties,
        admit `wt' value wt_Port to call of showPropertiesDialog().
      - In function widgetHasUMLObject(), return true for `type' value wt_Port.
      - In function createWidget(), add case for ot_Port setting newWidget to
        a new PortWidget.
      - In ClassGeneralPage constructor setup of `name', handle case ot_Port.
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      Unit test environement added. · 4c00c523
      Andi Fischer authored
      Some basictypes classes changed back to enums and namespace.
      Single Krazy issues fixed.
      A lot of white spaces removed and some documentation moved from h to cpp file.
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      fix typo · cec523fa
      Oliver Kellogg authored
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/umbrello/; revision=1283677
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    • Ralf Habacker's avatar
      added import feature · a509b00c
      Ralf Habacker authored
      If enabled in the new code import settings page for each imported c++ file
      an artifact will be created in the component view.
      The rational of this feature - when it is completed - is to generate files
      completly from the parsed content including file header comments and the
      exact collection of which classes belongs to a file.
      To achieve this, a new class FileAST has been created, which holds all
      file related informations not fitting into other declarations.
      The implementation creates artifacts with the raw file name because there
      are problems in Model_Utils::findUMLObject searching full pathes.
      To complete this feature the following is to do:
      - UMLArtifact has to be extended to hold uml objects collected for this file.
      - ArtifactWidget has to be extended to let users editable the lists provided
        by UMLArtifact.
      - The parser should add the collected uml objects to the related UMLArtifact
      - The artifacts in the component view should be structured into folders using
        abolute pathes or based on the import root (switchable in the code import
        settings page)
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/umbrello/; revision=1268827
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      Patch is rather big and it: · 3a12a2ca
      Andi Fischer authored
      - creates new subdirectories for every language in directory codegenerators and moves files to their directory.
      - moves files belonging to codegeneration from umbrello-dir to codegenerators.
      - removes the inheritance from QObject in TextBlock.
      - applies many style guide cleanups. 
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/umbrello/; revision=839212
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      fix typo · ac49a552
      Oliver Kellogg authored
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/umbrello/; revision=745725
    • Oliver Kellogg's avatar
      fix typo · e78c7d72
      Oliver Kellogg authored
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/umbrello/; revision=745715
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      *Took away the alignment toolbar, and made it into a menu. · 70ec6125
      Sharan Rao authored
      *Default Programing language is now stored as an enum (int) rather than string in config.( makes integration with 
      *Some other string and margin related stuff ( very small :P )
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/umbrello/; revision=683515
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    • Sharan Rao's avatar
      Ported Config to KConfigXT · 92cf968a
      Sharan Rao authored
      Umm, please report bugs to me if any :) and fix them if possible ;)
      Still todo ( maybe ), make the settings dialog in Qt designer and make it seamlessly integrate with KConfigXT
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/umbrello/; revision=682915