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      umbrello/uml.cpp · 3b638620
      Oliver Kellogg authored
      - In function setGenerator() revert part of commit ea25b643 which returns
        preexisting m_codegen if (m_codegen->language() == pl).
      - New virtual function finalizeRun() with empty default implementation can
        be reimplemented by concrete code generators to perform additional
        cleanups or other actions that can only be performed once all code has
        been written. The function is called in writeCodeToFile() after return
        from writeListedCodeDocsToFile().
      - In function writeCodeToFile(), utilize writeCodeToFile(concepts) for
        minimizing code duplication.
      - In function writeCodeToFile(UMLClassifierList&),
        - do not writeClass(c) if Model_Utils::isCommonDataType(c->name());
        - call finalizeRun() after foreach loop over `concepts'.
      - Add `static' on declaration of functions isOOClass() and packageName().
      - New function declareClass() factors trunk of Ada declaration which is
        common to partial (public) and full (private) view.
      - Reimplement function finalizeRun() from CodeGenerator: Cumulative
        generation of the private part is moved from writeClass() to here.
      - New member m_pkgsGenerated is required for closing opened files in
      - New member m_classesGenerated is required for ensuring that order of code
        generation is consistent with order of dependencies among classifiers in
        the package.
      umbrello/codegenerators/ada/adawriter.cpp function writeClass()
      - Return immediately without further action if `c' is already present in
      - If `pkg' is found in m_pkgsGenerated then do not open file / write
        initial declarations but instead use the value() of the PackageFileMap::
        iterator found for `file'.
      - If `pkg' is found in m_pkgsGenerated then:
        - Open file and write initial declarations; in loop over `imports', do not
          write "with" if packageName(con) does not match `pkg'.
        - Assign `file' into m_pkgsGenerated[pkg].
      - Before declaring the Ada type mapped from `c', loop over
        c->getSuperClasses() and ensure that superclasses in same package are
        written beforehand.
      - Move all aggregation/composition/attribute handling to finalizeRun().
      umbrello/codegenerators/ada/adawriter.cpp function reservedKeywords()
      - Add Ada2005 reserved word "interface".
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      umbrello/codegenerators/cpp/cppwriter.cpp · bbc6f725
      Oliver Kellogg authored
      - In function writeClassDecl() remove extraneous generated ';' after closing
        of namespace.
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      Fix bug not placing class N1::A below N1 package in tree view. · b37eebda
      Ralf Habacker authored
      The problem was, that Import_Utils::createUMLObject() tries to find an object
      in different namespaces and only creates an uml object if not found.
      In the case of parsing a c++ import class specification we simply need
      to create the related uml class object in the current namespace, which
      is provided by the additional parameter "doNotSearch".
      Related test case is https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=336810#c10
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