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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Applications/16.08' · 87e34e1c
      Ralf Habacker authored
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      Fix 'Lost class and interface names when open the project'. · 7c761dac
      Ralf Habacker authored
      UML objects used on diagrams may be located in the xmi file after the
      diagram which results into "LOST_..." entries in the tree view. Caused by
      internal limitations umbrello 2.18.x was not be able to fix that issues.
      It was required to patch the xmi file by hand to remove the incorrect
      listview tags.
      To fix this issue there are three changes required:
      1. Loading of diagrams is now performed after all uml objects has been
         loaded from the xmi file. On parsing diagram tags the related QDomNode
         and UMLFolder instance are saved in a map. After loading has been
         finished the diagrams are imported from this map.
      2. Ignore uml objects from xmi file having no parent
      3. Do not reparent uml objects caused by list view entries diverged
         from the uml model.
      FIXED-IN:2.20.3 (KDE Applications 16.08.03)
      Signed-off-by: Ralf Habacker's avatarRalf Habacker <ralf.habacker@freenet.de>
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      Fix 'Font sizing is wrong when sharing diagrams'. · 3409db0b
      Ralf Habacker authored
      For any new file the current screen resolution is written into the xmi
      file. If a file contains resolution the file coordinates are recalculated
      into current screen resolution on load and recalculated to file resolution
      on save.
      Files without coordinates resolution are not recalculated on load or save,
      because it is currently not known how to estimate the resolution the file
      is created with. Adjusting those files requires currently adding the
      "resolution" attribute to the <diagrams> tag manually.
      To solve that issue an option would be to add a user request to get the
      correct resolution or to print out a user warning on the status line after
      loading and to add an option to be able to change the resolution in
      document settings or if possible to estimate it from any diagram
      FIXED-IN:2.20.80 (KDE Applications 16.11.80)
      Signed-off-by: Ralf Habacker's avatarRalf Habacker <ralf.habacker@freenet.de>
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