Commit 03b40692 authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker

Remove unused method AssociationWidget::setWidgets()

parent f0ac509f
......@@ -1248,32 +1248,6 @@ UMLWidget* AssociationWidget::widgetForRole(Uml::RoleType::Enum role) const
return m_role[role].umlWidget;
* Sets the associated widgets.
* @param widgetA Pointer the role A widget for the association.
* @param assocType The AssociationType::Enum for this association.
* @param widgetB Pointer the role B widget for the association.
bool AssociationWidget::setWidgets(UMLWidget* widgetA,
Uml::AssociationType::Enum assocType,
UMLWidget* widgetB)
//if the association already has a WidgetB or WidgetA associated, then
//it cannot be changed to other widget, that would require a deletion
//of the association and the creation of a new one
if ((m_role[RoleType::A].umlWidget && (m_role[RoleType::A].umlWidget != widgetA)) ||
(m_role[RoleType::B].umlWidget && (m_role[RoleType::B].umlWidget != widgetB))) {
return false;
setWidgetForRole(widgetA, RoleType::A);
setWidgetForRole(widgetB, RoleType::B);
return true;
* CleansUp all the association's data in the related widgets.
......@@ -128,8 +128,6 @@ public:
UMLWidget* widgetForRole(Uml::RoleType::Enum role) const;
void setWidgetForRole(UMLWidget* widget, Uml::RoleType::Enum role);
bool setWidgets(UMLWidget* widgetA, Uml::AssociationType::Enum assocType, UMLWidget* widgetB);
bool containsAsEndpoint(UMLWidget* widget);
Uml::AssociationType::Enum associationType() const;
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