Commit 469778ae authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker

Fix 'class diagram: class-box not resizable'.

ClassifierWidget::shape() should use the current widget
size instead of the size of the contained text.

Thanks to imeelmax at for reporting this bug.

FIXED-IN:2.22.3 (KDE Applications 17.04.3)
parent efd2efb3
......@@ -887,11 +887,7 @@ QPainterPath ClassifierWidget::shape() const
return path;
QSizeF mainSize = rect().size();
QSizeF mainSize = calculateSize(false);
QSize templatesBoxSize = calculateTemplatesBoxSize();
qreal mainY = 0.0;
if (templatesBoxSize.height() > 0) {
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