Commit 56728206 authored by Joris Steyn's avatar Joris Steyn Committed by Ralf Habacker

Remove connect of deleted slotItemChanged

CCBUG: 328973
(cherry picked from commit 516d2b3d)
parent adee4d19
......@@ -119,7 +119,6 @@ UMLListView::UMLListView(QWidget *parent)
connect(this, SIGNAL(itemCollapsed(QTreeWidgetItem*)), this, SLOT(slotCollapsed(QTreeWidgetItem*)));
connect(this, SIGNAL(itemExpanded(QTreeWidgetItem*)), this, SLOT(slotExpanded(QTreeWidgetItem*)));
connect(UMLApp::app(), SIGNAL(sigCutSuccessful()), this, SLOT(slotCutSuccessful()));
connect(this, SIGNAL(itemChanged(QTreeWidgetItem*,int)), this, SLOT(slotItemChanged(QTreeWidgetItem*,int)));
connect(this, SIGNAL(itemSelectionChanged()), this, SLOT(slotItemSelectionChanged()));
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