Commit 5e8ebda0 authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker

Fix duplicated adding of floating text widgets to scene on loading an xmi file

MessageWidget::loadFromXMI1() already adds owned text widget to the scene.
parent 02696cb8
......@@ -3780,9 +3780,7 @@ bool UMLScene::loadMessagesFromXMI(QDomElement & qElement)
FloatingTextWidget *ft = message->floatingTextWidget();
if (ft)
else if (message->sequenceMessageType() != SequenceMessage::Creation)
if (!ft && message->sequenceMessageType() != SequenceMessage::Creation)
DEBUG(DBG_SRC) << "floating text is NULL for message " << Uml::ID::toString(message->id());
node = messageElement.nextSibling();
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