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Commit 8ca1b046 authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker

Potiental crash fix

parent d39917d2
......@@ -1618,8 +1618,10 @@ void UMLScene::selectWidgets(qreal px, qreal py, qreal qx, qreal qy)
// Automatically select all messages if two object widgets are selected
foreach(MessageWidget *w, messageList()) {
if (w->objectWidget(Uml::RoleType::A)->isSelected() &&
w->objectWidget(Uml::RoleType::B)->isSelected()) {
if (w->objectWidget(Uml::RoleType::A) &&
w->objectWidget(Uml::RoleType::B) &&
w->objectWidget(Uml::RoleType::A)->isSelected() &&
w->objectWidget(Uml::RoleType::B)->isSelected()) {
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