Commit ba18916b authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker

Add script for updating CMakeLists.txt patch level.

parent 9b21f697
# Update patch level in CMakelists.txt for non master branch and commit the new version.
# requirements:
# - current branch is named 'Applications/...'
# Author:
version_major=$(grep set\(VERSION_MAJOR CMakeLists.txt | sed 's,^.* ",,g;s,".*$,,g')
version_minor=$(grep set\(VERSION_MINOR CMakeLists.txt | sed 's,^.* ",,g;s,".*$,,g')
version_patch=$(grep set\(VERSION_PATCH CMakeLists.txt | sed 's,^.* ",,g;s,".*$,,g')
if test $version_patch -eq 99; then
echo could not update master branch
exit 1
kde_branch=$(git branch | grep '* Applications' | sed 's,^.*/,,g')
if test -z "$kde_branch"; then
echo could not find Applications branch
exit 1
version_patch=$(expr $version_patch '+' 1)
perl -pi -e "s,VERSION_PATCH \"$old_version_patch\",VERSION_PATCH \"$version_patch\",g" CMakeLists.txt
git commit -m "Update version to $version_major.$version_minor.$version_patch (KDE Applications version $kde_branch.$version_patch)." CMakeLists.txt
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