Commit cbddac2f authored by Joris Steyn's avatar Joris Steyn

Fix crash when adding attribute

There was an obscure crash in the code generator triggered by Import_Utils. It
tried to add the attribute to the logical view, explicitly setting ot_Attribute
prevents this behaviour.

BUG: 225290
parent 422aeee5
......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ bool UMLAttributeDialog::apply()
// Import_Utils::createUMLObject works better for C++ namespace
// and java package than Object_Factory::createUMLObject
obj = Import_Utils::createUMLObject(UMLObject::ot_UMLObject, typeName);
obj = Import_Utils::createUMLObject(UMLObject::ot_Attribute, typeName);
} else {
// If it's obviously a pointer type (C++) then create a datatype.
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