Add a function to convert QStringList of flag names to flags.

CCBUG: 400331
parent 8139d5c2
......@@ -269,6 +269,20 @@ QStringList PartitionTable::flagNames(Flags flags)
return rval;
/** @param list QStringList of the flags' names
@returns flags corresponding to names
PartitionTable::Flags PartitionTable::flagsFromList(const QStringList list)
Flags flags;
for (const auto &flag : flagList())
if (list.contains(flagName(flag)))
return flags;
bool PartitionTable::getUnallocatedRange(const Device& d, PartitionNode& parent, qint64& start, qint64& end)
if (d.type() == Device::Type::Disk_Device) {
......@@ -184,6 +184,7 @@ public:
static const QList<Flag> flagList();
static QString flagName(Flag f);
static QStringList flagNames(Flags f);
static PartitionTable::Flags flagsFromList(const QStringList list);
static bool getUnallocatedRange(const Device& device, PartitionNode& parent, qint64& start, qint64& end);
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