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......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ KPMcore supports CMake as (meta-)build system and installs suitable
CMake support files. Typical use of of KPMcore in a `CMakeLists.txt`
looks like this:
find_package( KPMcore 3.2 REQUIRED )
include_directories( ${KPMCORE_INCLUDE_DIR} )
target_link_libraries( target kpmcore )
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ environment variable `KPMCORE_BACKEND` names a backend,
and typical initialization code will look like this (or use the
class `KPMCoreInitializer` from `test/helpers.h`):
#include <backend/corebackendmanager.h>
#include <QDebug>
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ result in undefined behavior.
After the backend is initialized you can scan for available devices.
If you only want devices from the loaded backend you can call
QList<Device*> devices = backend->scanDevices( excludeReadOnly );
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ read only devices.
Alternatively, you can use KPMcore device scanner
#include <core/device.h>
#include <core/devicescanner.h>
#include <core/operationstack.h>
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