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title: "One Weekend and KPhotoAlbum is starting to support EXIF"
date: 2005-11-28 00:11:00

<img src="http://www.kphotoalbum.org/img/exif.jpg" alt="Exif screenshot" />
<p>It's getting late so I'd better soon go to bed. I've been working non
              stop all weekend on getting KPhotoAlbum to show EXIF
              information. You can now do that in two different
              places. Either using the dialog you can see to the right, or
              in the viewer. From the Settings menu it is possible to
              specify which exif keywords to use for each of the

<p>Next I'd like to give it a shot of storring all the EXIF keywords for
              all images in a database (not in the index.xml file as it
              would explode from that, but rather some SQL database). With
              the information in a database, I'd like to develop a dialog
              where you may search for images based on exif information,
              something like saying "Shutter Speed should be fater than
              1/125". Don't get your hopes too high yet, this is all
              dreaming on my part, afterall I have burnt my fingers once on
              databases and KPhotoAlbum. But I will give it a shot.</p>