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location: Hjorring, Denmark
areas: Founder and main developer
since: December 2002
image: /assets/img/active_developers/jesper.jpg
image: /assets/img/hall_of_fame/jesper.jpg
active: true
description: >
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location: Helsinki, Finland
areas: HTMLGallery
since: At least since early 2007
image: /assets/img/active_developers/mikka.jpg
image: /assets/img/hall_of_fame/mikka.jpg
active: true
description: >
Apart from computer related activities Miika enjoys traveling and photography. His ultimate holiday trip includes beautiful landscapes, wild and sea life, hiking and diving. Naturally a camera is lugged around to the depths or heights.
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
areas: Bug fixes, IPTC, geo-tagging
since: February 2007
active: true
image: /assets/img/active_developers/jan.jpg
image: /assets/img/hall_of_fame/jan.jpg
description: >
After getting his first digital camera, the Panasonic LX-2, he quickly realized that he already has a collection of images but is having troubles managing them. Being a KDE user, he came to conclusion that KPhotoAlbum was the best available tool to date. However, it had troubles with searching for photographs with Unicode characters in file name. After a three hour session in the middle of one night, a three-line patch was born. Shortly after that, he went on and fixed several issues with KPhotoAlbum which made him work a bit faster, and was offered an SVN access by Jesper. Since that, he introduced (and then removed for the 4.x branch) the IPTC support, something which can file the database fields like caption from EXIF and/or IPTC information present in images. He continues to hack on KPA in his free time, which has historically became a scarcer and scarcer commodity, mainly due to his job, demanding friends and another pet project of him, an IMAP e-mail cient called Trojitá.
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
areas: Encourage the real developers and help new users
since: January 2006
active: true
image: /assets/img/active_developers/risto.jpg
image: /assets/img/hall_of_fame/risto.jpg
description: >
Risto spends most of his time studying physics in the university and working in the electronics research lab there. Other activities include riding bike, playing piano and some OpenStreetMap mapping
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
areas: Bugfixes, improvements in thumbnail display
since: November 2006
active: true
image: /assets/img/active_developers/henner.jpg
image: /assets/img/hall_of_fame/henner.jpg
description: >
I think it was somewhere in 2003 when my 'organizing' of photos in directories got out of hand and a colleague of mine pointed me to kimdaba (now kphotoalbum) which I instantly loved. Back then I had the one or other idea to contribute, but was swamped with work.
......@@ -99,13 +99,13 @@
areas: Patches, bug fixes
since: June 2009
active: true
image: /assets/img/active_developers/thomas.jpg
image: /assets/img/hall_of_fame/thomas.jpg
- name: Martin Jaburek
location: Prague, Czech republic
since: October 2007
active: true
image: /assets/img/active_developers/martin.jpg
image: /assets/img/hall_of_fame/martin.jpg
description: >
I have joined this project recently. I'm no coding whiz, so instead I help out with some updates to web pages.
layout: page
title: Hall of Fame
sorted: 7
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<h2 class="mt-0">{{ }}</h2>
<strong>Located:</strong> {{ dev.location }}<br />
{% if dev.homepage %}
<strong>Homepage:</strong> <a href="{{dev.homepage}}">{{dev.homepage}}</a><br />
{% endif %}
<strong>Area of responsability:</strong> {{ dev.areas }}<br />
<strong>Since:</strong> {{ dev.since }}<br />
<img src="{{ dev.image }}" alt="Photo of {{ }}" />
{{dev.description | markdownify}}
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