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title: "New website for KPhotoAlbum"
date: 2004-10-17 00:10:00
<p>KPhotoAlbum's website has now been upgraded, so it is much nicer, and hopefully
easier to navigate. Thanks to Marc Cramdal (bonolebonobo-ifrance-com)<br />
I'm still searching for someone to run the
daily maintenance, so if that is a job for you, please contact
<a href="">Jesper</a>.</p>
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title: "KPhotoAlbum WIKI"
date: 2004-10-17 00:10:00
<p>A <a href="" title="Go to KDE Wiki">WIKI</a> has
been created for KPhotoAlbum. Help me develop a <a href="" title="Go to Wiki FAQ">FAQ</a> here.</p>
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title: "KPhotoAlbum 2.0 released"
date: 2004-10-18 00:10:00
<p>Eight month of coding and waiting are finally over, KPhotoAlbum 2.0 has
today been released. The new version contains a lot of improvements and speed
optimizations. Below I'll highlight a few of the improvements, the
full story can be read from the <a
href="" title="Go to">ChangeLog</a>
<h3>Major Improvements</h3>
<li> The most noticeable change seen from the users point of view are KPhotoAlbum's new plugin structure, code name
<a href="" title="KDE Image Plugin Interface">KIPI</a>. The plugin
structure has been created together with the Digikam and Gwenview team. Our three application now shares a common plugin structure,
which makes it possible to write a plugin which works with all three application.<br />
The 2.0 release has been postponed a number of due to KIPI not being available. It is so now, but the port of the old
digikam plugins are not completely done yet, though a beta version is available.
<a href="" title="KDE Image Plugin Interface">See the KIPI page</a> to learn about available plugins.</li>
<li> It is now possible to not only share your images with your friend, you annotation can also be shared using the new import/export
functionality (Who is on the image, where is it taken etc). When generating HTML pages, an export file will automatically be created,
making it as simple for your friends to get your annotations, as clicking on this link.
See <a href="" title="Go to documentation page">the documentation</a> for details.</li>
<li> KPhotoAlbum 2.0 has two important optimizations over KPhotoAlbum 1.1. First
the image configuration dialog loads much faster, and second images in the viewer are pre-loaded, which makes the viewer much more
snappy to work with.</li>
<h3>Minor Improvements</h3>
<li> It is now possible to sort list box items in the image configuration dialog.</li>
<li> It is now possible to sort the image by date using "Images->Sort Selected By Date and Time"</li>
<li> It is now possible to start a slide show from the thumbnail view.</li>
<li> Shortcuts can now be configured for the viewer.</li>
<li> The toolbar can now be configured.</li>
<li> It is now possible to find images where only a set of items are on (e.g. only me, and no one else)</li>
<li> It is now possible to hide the labels in the thumbnail view.</li>
<li> Thew viewer now contains a zoom out to full view function.</li>
<li> An automatic category has been created, which displays the directory of the image, making it semi possible to browse based on directory.</li>
<li> The editor for image comments now has an on the fly spell checker.</li>
<h3>Important Bugfixes</h3>
<li> Scaling of images are now done correctly, which gives much smoother thumbnails.</li>
<li> Panning now works in the viewer.</li>
<li> Fixed utf-8 encoding description in HTML pages.</li>
<li> Fixed tab order in the image config dialog</li>
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title: "New snapshot available"
date: 2004-12-07 00:12:00
<p>The first post 2.0 <a href="/download/snapshots/" title="Go to snapshots page">snapshot</a> is now available. This snapshot includes (See
<a href="" title="Go to">The ChangeLog file</a> for full details):</p>
<li> A search bar at the top of the browser</li>
<li> Tokens (press a letter in the viewer, and that will be an item of that category)</li>
<li> An option have been added to automatically show the thumbnail view when the number of matches during browsing gets below a given count.</li>
<li> Searching for new images can be disabled during start up, this will make start up faster.</li>
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title: "New Date bar"
date: 2004-12-28 00:12:00
<p>Over the last month I've worked hard on a date bar showing statistics about
images, and also helping navigating wrt. dates. I'm pretty done
with the date bar itself now, and is now working on
integrating it into KPhotoAlbum. <a href="" title="Show datebar screenshot">This is what
it looks like</a></p>
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title: "New Snapshot available - including the date bar"
date: 2005-01-01 00:01:00
<p>Integrating the date bar in the application was way easier than I
anticipated, so a new snapshot is now available which includes
the date bar. The date bar both shows the statistics of your
images, but may also be used for navigation, simply click on a
date in the date bar, and you will be shown images from that
date. <a href="" title="Show datebar screenshot">This is what it looks like</a>.</p>
<p>So far KPhotoAlbum have had no need for your images to be sorted, but the
date bar works by far best if they are (Jumping to a given
date will show all images from that date). KPhotoAlbum thus
have a new function to aid you in ensuring that all your
images have valid dates (which might be something as simple
as 1998-2001). Once you have given all your images a valid
date, use the sorting function from the Images menu to sort your images.</p>
<p>Previous versions showed the thumb nails of your images in folder of 100
images per folder, but for the date bar to work, all images
are now shown in one folder. The previous setup was not by
design, but simply because I couldn't figure out how to
avoid loading all thumb nails at once. Now, fortunately I
found out, so showing 10.000 thumb nails doesn't course your
computer to load gigabytes of memory. Let me know if you have a very good
reason for re-adding the folder view with each 100 images.</p>
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title: "New Snapshot available"
date: 2005-01-02 00:01:00
<p>The snapshot from yesterday could in rare cases result in loss of
information in the index.xml file, when sorting the images. Thus a
new snapshot has been made.</p>
<p>Make this a warning always to back up your index.xml file, especially when
using snapshots.</p>
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title: "Perl module for manipulating the database contributed"
date: 2005-01-17 00:01:00
<p>On <a href="/news/misc/miscellaneous.php" title="Go to miscellaneous page">the misc page</a> you may find a perl module for
manipulating the KPhotoAlbum database from perl.</p>
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title: "New snapshot"
date: 2005-01-20 00:01:00
<p>I'm afraid I will be very busy at work the next month, so here is a
snapshot for you to enjoy meanwhile. Included is speed
optimization when scrolling large parts in the thumbnail view,
plus the capability to drag out a selection in the date bar.</p>
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title: "New snapshot"
date: 2005-03-28 00:03:00
<p>KPhotoAlbum development is now freezing up, and getting ready for a 2.1 release, so please give the snapshot a try.<br />
This is the full list of changes:</p>
<li> Added member group config to context menu of list select (which is the list boxes of the image property pages)</li>
<li> Added a jump-to-context button to the viewer, plus ensure keyboard focus would be better shown in the thumbnail view.</li>
<li> BUGFIX: When quiting KDE, KPhotoAlbum will asks if you want to save. This previously canceled logging out of KDE.</li>
<li> Use KDE's date formater to given better result in the datebar.</li>
<li> Added a survey, where I can get some feedback from the KPhotoAlbum users.</li>
<li> New images should be inserted sorted.</li>
<li> When new images are found, the datebar are now updated.</li>
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title: "KPhotoAlbum 2.1 has been released"
date: 2005-05-01 00:05:00
<p>After approximately another half year of development it is time to get a
new KPhotoAlbum version out of the door. As with every previous version of KPhotoAlbum
it of course contains at least one major new thing, a bunch of
minor new features, and a bunch of bug fixes. Read on to learn whats new.</p>
<p>Now that KPhotoAlbum 2.1 is done, development will of course start on a
KPhotoAlbum 2.2 with brand new features. Join the <a href="/news/misc/miscellaneous.php" title="Go to miscellaneous page">mailing list</a> to discuss what
you would like to see in the future.</p>
<h3>Major Improvements</h3>
<li> KPhotoAlbum 2.1 introduces a date bar that shows statistics about images,
plus support browsing, and narrowing views to a given date range. The date bar shows ranges from a year per unit down to 10 minutes per unit.</li>
<li> As a consequence of the date bar being introduced, all thumbnails are now shown together, rather than as 100 thumbnail per view.</li>
<li> In the viewer it is now possible to press a key to set a token, these tokens can the be used during browsing. This makes it easy to mark all images for say printing, by simply setting a token on
each of them, and the later browsing for that token.</li>
<h3>Minor Improvements</h3>
<li> Added a search line for the items of the browser.</li>
<li> Made it possible to disable searching for images on start up. This may make KPhotoAlbum much faster at starting up.</li>
<li> Added an option to automatically load images when matches in the browser goes below a certain amount of images.</li>
<li> Postpone checking if images is on disk till the information is needed, this speeds up start up with a couple of seconds.</li>
<li> Added the possibility to zoom out from current scope, thus seeing the context of the current image</li>
<li> KPhotoAlbum will now escape all non-latin1 characters, so they still look good on web servers that seems to ignore the meta tag.</li>
<li> Added support for Canon CRW "digital negative"</li>
<li> Improves handling of EXIF data, in particular in the "Read EXIF Data" dialog. It does not overwrite the time, date, orientation,
or comment data unless the EXIF data is actually present. It also adds two new options that do overwrite the time and date
information with the file modification date/time if the EXIF data isn't present.</li>
<li> Added a survey, where I can get some feedback from the KPhotoAlbum users.</li>
<li> Added member group config to context menu of list select (which is the list boxes of the image property pages)</li>
<h3>Important Bugfixes</h3>
<li> The category was sometimes shown twice in the status bar.</li>
<li> Certain features got broken with the introduction of KDE 3.4's automatically adding shortcuts to items in the dialogs.</li>
<li> Markup in the editor (like highlight for spelling errors) got saved and thus displayed with the image.</li>
<li> HTML generation didn't work if the file names contained dot's like 2004-12-17-18.34.59.jpg</li>
<li> Reimplemented sort images as it could lead to image loss, plus was not guaranteed to preserve sort order for images with same key.</li>
<li> The date parser was not previous translated, while the date generator was, thus typing in date names did not work in the image config dialog, unless the translated names matched the
untranslated ones.</li>
<li> When quiting KDE, KPhotoAlbum would asks if you wanted to save. This previously canceled logging out of KDE.</li>
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title: "KPhotoAlbum is not Dead"
date: 2005-09-17 00:09:00
<p>It might seem so from the amount of releases made recently, but KPhotoAlbum is
indeed not dead. I'm working hard on a lot of restructuring,
and I've spent/wasted a lot of time on the SQL backend (which I
gave up on, due to lack of SQL knowledge - any takers?)</p>
<p>As a side track of things, I've started making small flash videos
showing things in KPhotoAlbum, check them out by pressing
<strong>Videos</strong> in the side bar.</p>
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title: "New camera means a new direction for KPhotoAlbum"
date: 2005-11-24 00:11:00
<p> I've been staying with a customer for month now and lives/work in a
cubicle landscape - rather different from working from home which I'm used
<p>After approx one and a half month I got to talk about digital images
with one of my <i>inmates</i>, and I told him about
KPhotoAlbum. First, that is rather extraordinary that I manage to
work almost two month with a guy without having told him
anything about KPhotoAlbum :-) What is much more extraordinary is
that he previously worked with <a href="" title="Go to">Bibble Labs</a>, and is close friends with the owner. Bibble is an image processing
application that works on Linux. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?</p>
<p>Well a new camera has been on my wishlist for a long time, but this
opportunity was just too great, so I bought myself a new
camera, and will try to see how KPhotoAlbum can work together
with Bibble.</p>
<p>The camera is a Canon Rebel XT and comes with a EFS 18-55 lense. With it I bought a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II
camera lense, and a Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III telephoto zoom lens.</p>
<p>So finally, everyone of you who have hoped for KPhotoAlbum to be better with RAW
files, stay tuned, now I've got a camera spitting them out,
so it won't take long before KPhotoAlbum does something with them.</p>
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title: "One Weekend and KPhotoAlbum is starting to support EXIF"
date: 2005-11-28 00:11:00
<img src="" alt="Exif screenshot" />
<p>It's getting late so I'd better soon go to bed. I've been working non
stop all weekend on getting KPhotoAlbum to show EXIF
information. You can now do that in two different
places. Either using the dialog you can see to the right, or
in the viewer. From the Settings menu it is possible to
specify which exif keywords to use for each of the
<p>Next I'd like to give it a shot of storring all the EXIF keywords for
all images in a database (not in the index.xml file as it
would explode from that, but rather some SQL database). With
the information in a database, I'd like to develop a dialog
where you may search for images based on exif information,
something like saying "Shutter Speed should be fater than
1/125". Don't get your hopes too high yet, this is all
dreaming on my part, afterall I have burnt my fingers once on
databases and KPhotoAlbum. But I will give it a shot.</p>
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title: "Searching for EXIF information"
date: 2005-12-13 00:12:00
<p>OK, I did actually managed to pull this off - It is now possible to
search for EXIF.</p>
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title: "Snapshot package available"
date: 2005-12-28 00:12:00
<p>With the EXIF support in KPhotoAlbum, it is time to start the series of
snapshots, you find the newest from the side bar, choose
<p>Thanks to Marco Molteni for helping me get my scripts ready for
producing snapshots</p>
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title: "Snapshot package available - Now with a new thumbnail viewer"
date: 2006-01-12 00:01:00
<a href="" title="Zoom screenshot"><img src="" alt="Thumbnailview-screenshot" /></a>
<p>Over the Christmas holidays I got utterly annoyed by the thumbnail
viewer - well it has been a pain in the back for a long time,
because it had bugs I was unable to solve despite days of
investigation, and because it did not allow me to configure
the look and feel very well. Therefore I rewrote it from
<p>The result is a much better looking thumbnail viewer, and as an added
bonus, scrolling is now much faster than with the old one. In
addition I stole an idea from Bibble wrt to resizing the
thumbnails - now simple press the middle mouse button, and
move it to resize the thumbnails.</p>
<img src="" alt="Thumbnail screenshot" />
<img src="" alt="Thumbnail screenshot" />
<p>Initially I planned to throw away support for reordering images, but
public demand made me change my mind. However, KPhotoAlbum
will now ask for permission before doing the actual reordering,
which hopefully will avoid that people get their images
reordered by accident.</p>
<p>Finally, as an added bonus, it was now very simple to implement a
request I've heard a few times, namely the possibility
to specify if thumbnails show be shown with the newest one
first or last. So I implemented that request ;-)</p>
<p>I created a new snapshot which you may find from the side bar, choose
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title: "KimDaBa has been renamed to KPhotoAlbum"
date: 2006-01-14 00:01:00
<p>Over the years I've learned that the casual user doesn't think he needs
an image database (which was what KimDaBa meant). So
hopefully a rename to KPhotoAlbum will help the user see the
need for the application. Funny enough, KPhotoAlbum was my
very very very first name for the application way before it
went public.</p>
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title: ""
date: 2006-03-12 00:03:00
<p>The domain <a href="" title="Go to homepage"></a> now points to this site.</p>
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title: "Getting ready for release"
date: 2006-03-12 00:03:00
<p>It has been a very long time ago since the last release, and a lot of
good things are in there now. So now is now, I've started
release procedure as of today, expect a release within the
next two month.</p>
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title: "Message Freeze"
date: 2006-03-19 00:03:00
<p>KPhotoAlbum just entered message freeze today, and is planned to be
released on Monday April 10th.</p>
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title: "KPhotoAlbum 2.2 is released"
date: 2006-05-09 00:05:00
<p>Finally I got KPhotoAlbum 2.2 out of the door (actually it is already a
couple a weeks ago now - yeah I've been busy). The new version contains two
major improvements: (1) Much improved support for EXIF,
including capability to search your images based on EXIF
info. (2) A much improved thumbnail viewer which allows you
to resize the thumbnails to any size simply by dragging with
the middle mouse button.</p>
<p>The following is a list of features added since 2.1:</p>
<li>Added a checkbox to the annotation dialog offering to remove annotations. Thanks for Robert L Krawitz for
patch with this feature.</li>
<li> The datebar now has an explicit button for canceling selection.</li>
<li> Drasticly improved performance of deleting images. Thanks for Robert L Krawitz for his analysis of the problem.</li>
<li> Its now possible to select whether the newest or the oldest thumbnail should be shown first.</li>
<li> Completely reimplemented the thumbnail view, to solve a huge amount of issues with QIconView.</li>
<li> Added an EXIF dialog (available from the browser), plus the possibilities to see EXIF tags in the viewer. Set of EXIF tokens shown is configurable in the settings dialog.</li>
<li> Searches using the description field are now case insensitive.</li>
<li> Added a Exif dialog to the context menu in the browser.</li>
<li> KPhotoAlbum now stores its thumbnails in ~/.thumbnails complying with many other applications.</li>
<li> Added an option to save the index.xml file in a compressed format, this speeds up loading the xml file by approximate a factor 2.</li>
<li> KPhotoAlbum does now offer to save numbered backups of the index.xml file: index.xml~0001~, index.xml~0002~ etc. In addition this file can be zipped to preserve disk space.</li>
<p>The following is a list of important bug fixes since 2.1:</p>
<li> Inaccurate times now survives a visit to the annotation dialog.</li>
<li> Member maps wasn't correctly renamed when renaming a category.</li>
<li> Fixed crash when annotation dialog was up, and the datebar got a mouse move event. Thanks to Martin Hoeller for finding this crash.</li>
<li> Fixed bug where limited images on the date bar followed by a limiting images from the browser, and then unlimiting from the browser resulted in only items in the scope of the datebar selection being shown on the datebar.</li>
<li> Restart slideshow timer when user manually moves to a new image.</li>
<p>Finally, since the previous KPhotoAlbum release (back in the days when
it was called KimDaBa), I've worked very hard on trying to
add an SQL backend. This required rather a lot of
restructuring of KPhotoAlbum. Unfortunately I had to give up
on the task before it was finished, as it simply ate me up
from the inside. The good news is that all the changes is
still in there, and it seems like we might get a Google
Summer of Code project for making the darn thing work.</p>
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title: "Google Summer of Code Project on KPhotoAlbum"
date: 2006-05-25 00:05:00
<p>Yesterday the google summer of code projects was chosen, and I'm happy
to announce that Tuomas Suutari (thsuut AT utu DOT fi) was
elected to work on KPhotoAlbum. Here is his description of
the project:</p>
<p>As you maybe already know, currently KPhotoAlbum stores its data in an
XML file. This file is read into memory on start up, and is
written to disk when saving.</p>
<p>Jesper suggested on the KPhotoAlbum mailing list that someone would add
support for SQL database back-end as a Google Summer of
Code project. He has already made a proof of concept
implementation for making the back end pluggable.</p>
<p>When I got that mail, I immediately realized that this would be a cool
project for me, because I use KPhotoAlbum regularly and
love programming.</p>
<p>Adding possibility to save image database into SQL database could provide at least following improvements:</p>
<li>scale better for large photo collections (uses less memory)</li>
<li>make KPhotoAlbum start and close faster (no loading/saving of the XML file)</li>
<li>add possibility to access the database by multiple users at the same time</li>
<p>The last bullet is really the biggest improvement to many users, who might
want multiple people to tag the set of images at the same time,
and perhaps allow for adding information from say a web
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title: "KPhotoAlbum news feed"
date: 2006-08-05 12:08:00
<p>KPhotoAlbum's news section can now be monitored through your favorite
RSS reader, simply point it to, or in case it don't understand the first.</p>
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title: "Progress of SQL database back-end"
date: 2006-08-06 11:08:00
<p>Tuomas Suutari is working on a Google Summer Of Code for adding an SQL
backend to KPhotoAlbum, and I asked him to provide all of us with a
progress report, so here it is.</p>
<p>I just merged changes from my developing branch to actual KPhotoAlbum
source code tree (i.e. trunk). This means that now there is already some
kind of alpha version of the SQL back-end in KPhotoAlbum.</p>
<p>Currently it's capable of storing almost all the information that the
XML back-end does. Only member maps are not yet saved. But code for that is
almost ready.</p>
<p>Next stage is to get error handling work, so when connection to database
server fails, back-end does something more reasonable than just
crashes. And also optimize few database calls to be more SQL
friendly. (This is because currently many parts in the code assume that
database is in fast memory, which leads to quite different
approach than with SQL storage.) Then some kind of
configuration dialog has to be done, so user can type username and password
to server somewhere.</p>
<p>So there is still some work to do, but things seem promising. Though
still some more testing of the back-end has to be done after the SoC
project, but you'll get the SQL support eventually.</p>
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title: "Jesper's Personal Blog"
date: 2006-08-11 19:08:00
<p>If you want to see what I'm up to, how KPhotoAlbum development is coming
along, why not have a look at my <a href="" title="Go to">Blog</a>.</p>
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title: "The Icon View stay and gets improved"
date: 2006-08-20 22:08:00
<p>A few weeks ago I was considering throwing the icon view used in the
browser out, but by accident I tried it with a larger icon size, and found
that to be really useful. So now it is possible (in SVN) to configure the
icon size, to e.g. look like this:</p>
<p><a title="Zoom Screenshot" href=""><img src="" alt="Iconview screenshot" /></a></p>
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title: "First Snapshot of Next KPhotoAlbum version available"
date: 2006-08-22 21:08:00
<p>OK, we are slowly approaching the next release (well I expect 2-3 month
till the actually release, but this also includes all sort of freezes). So
it is time to get started creating snapshots for you all to try.</p>
<p>And there are many good reasons to try out this snapshot, but most
important is of course to get rid of bugs, so you don't have to be bothered
the next year with an annoying bug similar to the selection bugs in the
thumbnail view that must have annoyed you like hell.</p>
<p>In this snapshot you will find these new features and bug fixes compared
to the 2.2 release:</p>
<li> <strong>Support for video files</strong>. KPhotoAlbum will now find all your videos,
and create thumbnails for them (if you have the right software installed. If it doesn't have a look at <a
With the video support you will of course be able to annotate your videos
like you may annotate your images. And of course you may also show your
videos, either in the viewer, or if that does not work (good enought) by
invoking an external viewer from the context menu.</li>
<li> <strong>Hierarchies in the browser</strong> The browser now shows the
hierarchies among your categories (Las Vegas is in USA kind of
stuff). These hierarchies are also shown in the annotation dialog.</li>
<li> <strong>Improved Annotation dialog</strong> The annotation dialog now hides
items as you type in the line edit, and that way makes it so much easier to
find the name of a person whom you only remember the first part of.</li>
<li> <strong>Selection problems solved</strong>. And to the relief of so many of you,
the selection problem from the previous release have now been fixed.</li>
<a href="/download/snapshots/">Get your snapshot now</a>
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title: "Second Snapshot Ready"
date: 2006-08-23 22:08:00
<p>Today I fixed two crashes in KPhotoAlbum, one which occurred when
scrolling in the thumbnail viewer. The other occurred when clicking on the
date bar with the middle or right mouse button.</p>