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## Get Involved!
# Get Involved!
Once long time ago KPhotoAlbum was a one man project, but fortunately it isn't so any more. We welcome any contribution anyone may bring.
## Build {{ site.title }} from Sources
There are many ways you can get involved in KPhotoAlbum. We introduce some ways here, you're welcome to participate in any of these or come up with your own way to help KPhotoAlbum. If you're interested, please also have a look at the [Communication Media](/communication) to get in touch with the current users and developers, we'll be able to help you start with KPhotoAlbum
The [community wiki]( provides ressource
about settings up your development environment.
### Coding
## Get in Touch!
There is so much more we could do if we just had the time. If you want to get involved in coding then read [First Step as a KPhotoAlbum Developer]( Next step may be to find a junior job - that is a job that will let you get started with KPhotoAlbum without loosing too much hair on the way.
Most development-related discussions take place on the [{{ }} mailing list]({{ }})
Just join in, say hi and tell us what you would like to help us with!
### Bug fixing
## Not a Programmer?
This might be a way to get into the code, and also an easy way to help without too much commitment in the beginning. Check the reported bugs at [KDE Bugzilla]( and check the 'Coding' above to find out how to get access to the code.
Not a problem! There's a plenty of other tasks that you can help us with to
make {{ site.title }} better even if you don't know any programming languages!
### Graphics design
* [Bug triaging]( - help us find
mis-filed, duplicated or invalid bug reports in Bugzilla
* [Localization]( - help to translate
{{ site.title }} into your language
* [Documentation]( - help us improve user
documentation to make {{ site.title }} more friendly for newcomers
* [Promotion]( - help us promote {{ site.title }}
both online and offline
* [Updating wiki]({{ site.title }}) - help updating the information present in
the wiki, add new tutorials, ... - help us improve it to make it easier for others to join!
* Do you have any other idea? Get in touch!
KPhotoAlbum is a truly useful application, we have the words of many people, but it might not be the sexiest yet. Help make it sexier.
### Translations
KPhotoAlbum is translated to many languages, but there are still languages to pick from. Check the [KDE translation site](
### Community Support
New users of KPhotoAlbum occasionally visit the IRC channel or write to the mailing list with questions that any seasoned KPhotoAlbum user ought to be able to handle. This also makes the users feel like home amongst other KPhotoAlbum users and they might eventually start helping others or contribute to the project in other ways.
### Documentation
The documentation needs to be constantly updated to cover the latest features of KPhotoAlbum. This mostly means the help files and [FAQ](
### Marketing
BLOG about your KPhotoAlbum usage, add KPhotoAlbum to search site etc etc. Maybe a cool presentation video to show the core features of KPhotoAlbum
### Any Questions?
If you have any questions, please check the [Communication Media](/communication) and don't hesitate to ask us!
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