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source ""
gem "jekyll", "3.8"
gem "jekyll-kde-theme"
# If you have any plugins, put them here!
# group :jekyll_plugins do
# gem "jekyll-github-metadata", "~> 1.0"
# end
# KPhotoAlbum
\ No newline at end of file
layout: changelog
title: x 1.0
sorted: 1000
date: 2042-08-08
+ Feature 1
+ Feature 2
+ Bug fix 1
+ Bug fix 2
+ Bug fix 3
# Site settings
title: Konsole
description: >
Konsole: the KDE Terminal Emulator
baseurl: "" # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog
url: ""
twitter_username: kde_community
github_username: kde
# Build settings
markdown: kramdown
theme: jekyll-kde-theme
style: compressed
- scope:
path: "assets/img"
image: true
output: true
- Gemfile
- Gemfile.lock
- vendor
layout: page
title: Changelog
css-include: /css/main.css
sorted: 2
{% assign sorted = (site.changelogs | sort: 'sorted') %}
{% assign reverse = (sorted | reverse) %}
{% if changelogs.size == 0 %}
No changelog available.
{% endif %}
{% for changelog in reverse %}
## [{{ changelog.title }}]({{ changelog.url }})
{{ changelog.content | markdownify }}
{% endfor %}
# Only the main Sass file needs front matter (the dashes are enough)
@charset "utf-8";
@import "base.scss";
@import "social.scss";
@import "glyphs.scss";
@import "download.scss";
@import "home.scss";
layout: page
title: Download
sorted: 3
- name: Linux
icon: /assets/img/tux.png
description: >
!SITE_TITLE! is already available on majority of Linux distriutions. You
can install it from the KDE Software Center.
- name: Release Sources
icon: /assets/img/ark.svg
description: >
!SITE_TITLE! is released regularily as part of KDE Applications. You can
find !SITE_TITLE! latest stable realease among the
<a href="">tarballs from
the latest KDE Applications release</a>.
If you want to build !SITE_TITLE! from sources, we recommend checking our
<a href="get-involved.html">Getting Involved</a> page which contains
links to full guide how to compile !SITE_TITLE!.
- name: Git
icon: /assets/img/git.svg
description: >
!SITE_TITLE! git repository can be viewed
<a href="!SITE_GIT!">using cgit</a>.
To clone !SITE_TITLE! uses <code>git clone !SITE_GIT!</code>. for
detailed instructions how to build !SITE_TITLE! from source, check
the <a href="get-involved.html">Getting Involved page</a>
<table class="distribution-table">
{% for source in page.sources %}
<tr class="title-row">
<td rowspan="2" width="100">
<img src="{{ source.icon }}" alt="{{ }}">
<th>{{ }}</th>
<td>{{ source.description | replace: '!SITE_TITLE!', site.title | replace: '!SITE_GIT!', site.git}}</td>
{% endfor %}
layout: page
title: Get Involved
konqi: /assets/img/konqi-dev.png
sorted: 5
## Get Involved!
## Build {{ site.title }} from Sources
The [community wiki]( provides ressource
about settings up your development environment.
## Get in Touch!
Most development-related discussions take place on the [{{ }} mailing list]({{ }})
Just join in, say hi and tell us what you would like to help us with!
## Not a Programmer?
Not a problem! There's a plenty of other tasks that you can help us with to
make {{ site.title }} better even if you don't know any programming languages!
* [Bug triaging]( - help us find
mis-filed, duplicated or invalid bug reports in Bugzilla
* [Localization]( - help to translate
{{ site.title }} into your language
* [Documentation]( - help us improve user
documentation to make {{ site.title }} more friendly for newcomers
* [Promotion]( - help us promote {{ site.title }}
both online and offline
* [Updating wiki]({{ site.title }}) - help updating the information present in
the wiki, add new tutorials, ... - help us improve it to make it easier for others to join!
* Do you have any other idea? Get in touch!
layout: default
css-include: /css/main.css
sorted: 1
<section id="kHeader" class="carousel">
<div class="carousel-item carousel-item-content active pl-4 pr-4">
<div class="slide-background" style="background-image: url(assets/img/screenshot.png)"></div>
<div class="carousel-text-overlay">
<p>A powerful and customizable terminal emulator.</p>
<main aria-label="Content" id="content" class="container">
<h1>{{ site.title }}</h1>
layout: page
title: User support
konqi: /assets/img/konqi-docbook.png
sorted: 4
## Handbook
Lost in {{ site.title }} settings or just looking to discover more features in {{ site.title }}?
You can read the [{{ site.title }} Handbook]({{ site.handbook }})
to find answers to your questions.
## Need Help?
Check the {{ site.title }} on [KDE Forums]({{ }})
maybe someone has already solved a similar problem. And of not, feel free to ask
## Found a Bug?
Bugs in software happen. If you found some in {{ site.title }}, please report them into
[our Bugzilla]( Please do not report bugs on forums or
mailinglists - such reports will most likely be overlooked or forgotten by the
developers quite soon. To make sure the bug gets noticed by developers and
fixed as soon as possible, report it into Bugzilla.
## Missing a Feature?
{{ site.title }} has a lot of features, but there's always a room for one or two more.
If you have an idea for an improvement or you are missing a feature in {{ site.title }};
write your suggestion in our [Bugzilla]( so that the
developers can find it and implement it.
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