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title: "New Snapshot available - including the date bar"
date: 2005-01-01 00:01:00

<p>Integrating the date bar in the application was way easier than I
anticipated, so a new snapshot is now available which includes
the date bar. The date bar both shows the statistics of your
images, but may also be used for navigation, simply click on a
date in the date bar, and you will be shown images from that
date. <a href="http://www.kphotoalbum.org/datebar.jpg" title="Show datebar screenshot">This is what it looks like</a>.</p>
<p>So far KPhotoAlbum have had no need for your images to be sorted, but the
date bar works by far best if they are (Jumping to a given
date will show all images from that date). KPhotoAlbum thus
have a new function to aid you in ensuring that all your
images have valid dates (which might be something as simple
as 1998-2001). Once you have given all your images a valid
date, use the sorting function from the Images menu to sort your images.</p>

<p>Previous versions showed the thumb nails of your images in folder of 100
images per folder, but for the date bar to work, all images
are now shown in one folder. The previous setup was not by
design, but simply because I couldn't figure out how to
avoid loading all thumb nails at once. Now, fortunately I
found out, so showing 10.000 thumb nails doesn't course your
computer to load gigabytes of memory. Let me know if you have a very good
reason for re-adding the folder view with each 100 images.</p>