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- name: Johannes Zarl-Zierl aka jzarl
location: Linz, Austria
areas: Development, bug fixes, bug triage
since: 2012
image: /assets/img/developers/johannes.png
active: true
description: >
I've been using KPhotoAlbum since around 2005. At that time I was doing mostly analog photography, which made KPhotoAlbum with its support for fuzzy dates an obvious choice - a choice that I am still happy with, today.
- name: Tobias Leupold aka l3u
location: Konradsreuth, Germany
areas: Development, bug fixes, releases
since: April 2014
image: /assets/img/developers/tobias.png
active: true
description: >
I started my "KPA carreer" because I thought that it was lacking the possibility to mark areas on the images and associate them with tags. With very much help of Johannes (who acted as a C++, Qt and KPA mentor for a long time and still does), I implemented this feature and worked on face detection and face recognition via libkface later.
My goal is to improve KPA with new features and fix bugs wherever I can (sadly, after all, I'm not really a C++ pro yet, and probably never will ;-). I want to contribute especially to the face detection and recognition parts and the map bindings, speaking of geotagging and querying the database by geographic coordinates.
In real life, I'm a dentist (yeah, I'm the only one here not making his bread with coding!), married to my lovely wife Barbara and dad of a son and a daughter.
- name: Robert Krawitz
location: Brookline, MA, USA
areas: Development, Optimization
since: October 2018
image: /assets/img/developers/robert.png
active: true
description: >
I have been active in the FOSS world for over three decades, starting with work on X10 support for Emacs in the mid 1980's. I have worked in the computer systems industry since I graduated college in the late 1980's.
I'm an avid photographer. In the late 1990's, looking for a more economical way of creating large format prints, I bought a photo printer from a friend, found no Linux driver for it but did find Mike Sweet's print plugin for GIMP, from which I started the project that eventually became Gutenprint. Almost 20 years later, I'm still project lead for Gutenprint.
I'm a prolific photographer as well as an avid one. I photograph a lot of sporting events for my alma mater, and other events, and as a result have (currently!) about 275,000 frames totaling the better part of 3 TB. To manage those photos, I needed to find a good image management tool, and after trying several, settled on KimDaBa, which has since become KPhotoAlbum. I like the fact that it's fast and does not modify image files.
I have been a confirmed performance geek as far back in my computing career as I recall. Performance and scalability are essential for any kind of professionally-oriented workflow. As such, most of my contributions to KPhotoAlbum have been in that area.
Outside of work and photography (and the non-empty intersection of the two), my wife Manny and I enjoy the company of our little American Eskimo, Chloe.
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