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  • Title: The past and future of the Randa Meetings

    This year in September it will be 10 years ago that the first edition of the Randa Meetings took place in Randa, Switzerland. Back then it was a single sprint, called Tokamak 3 (That's what the Plasma meetings were called back then). It was hosted in my parents' small Chalet (LINK), and after this very successful inaugural sprint the meetings grew and we needed a bigger house to accommodate all the participants.

    [A link to the new house would be nice here, or at least some words about it, as otherwise it's a bit of a jump] This big and old (more than 150 years) house hosted our Randa Meetings for several years and unfortunately we have to tell you that it is, at least for now, no longer available. The former owners couldn't afford to renovate it and thus needed to sell the house. So the new owner of the house is now the municipality of Randa and they have decided against opening it for rent this year. We don't know much about their future plans, but we are trying to stay up to date so we can inform you about another possibility for Randa Meetings as soon as we can.

    No need to be sad or afraid that the meetings are dead though, as the team behind them is already looking for and thinking about other possibilities and locations for future "Randa" meetings.

    We would like to thank you for all the support during the past years and especially tor last year's jury award for Mario Fux and the Randa Meetings. Stay tuned and cu soon.

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