Authored by Thor Hopland

[SOLVED] craftenv.ps1 fails to run due to BadExpression on line 128

I've tried getting the KDE craft environment to work on Windows, but it crashes out with the error provided below. Even after having installed Visual Studio 2019, upgrading PowerShell to 6 and installing Python (albeit from Windows Store) I still get the same error.

Reference: Line 128 from craftenv.ps1 on GitHub

Windows Version:

Major Minor Build Revision
10 0 17763 0

PowerShell version:

Major Minor Patch PreReleaseLabel BuildLabel
6 2 2

Python version: Python 3.7.4

Solution(s): reinstalled Python 3.7 globally directly from, installed the VC2017 compiler instead of using the 2019 (which is actually marked as "experimental"), deleted the dir C:\CraftRoot entirel and reinstalled craft using the iex command.

stdout 423 Bytes
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