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** Activity Filter Service Rules
# Activity Filter Service Rules
The following is a list of rules concerning the KDE Activity Filter Service which must be adhered to by all rules processed by the system.
For a list of example rules, please see
* Personal Rules
**Personal Rules**
These should be created in the personal/ folder, with one file for each person's own rules.
Each file should follow the user's username (eg: for scripty, it would be personal/scripty.yaml)
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ For Gitlab, users should subscribe to the projects/groups they're interested in
While users are welcome to use alternative addresses (ones that are not their primary address) under no circumstances is for another person's address to be used in Activity Filter.
* Mailing List Rules
**Mailing List Rules**
As mailing lists have a substantial reach, with lists sometimes numbering in hundreds to thousands of subscribers, mailing lists may not be setup within Activity Filter without first getting the consent of the list in question.
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