Commit 2e8dcc79 authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella

[android] Enable ruqola QML build

Upstream disabled it by default
parent 766c6251
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
{"name": "Nota", "application": "nota", "type": "generic-build", "cmakeParameters": "", "dependency": ""},
{"name": "Buho", "application": "buho", "type": "generic-build", "cmakeParameters": "", "dependency": ""},
{"name": "Pix", "application": "maui-pix", "type": "generic-build", "cmakeParameters": "", "dependency": ""},
{"name": "Ruqola", "application": "ruqola", "type": "generic-build", "cmakeParameters": "", "dependency": ""},
{"name": "Ruqola", "application": "ruqola", "type": "generic-build", "cmakeParameters": "-DCOMPILE_RUQOLA_QML=True", "dependency": ""},
{"name": "Kongress", "application": "kongress", "type": "generic-build", "cmakeParameters": "", "dependency": ""},
{"name": "Kaidan", "application": "kaidan", "type": "generic-build", "cmakeParameters": "", "dependency": "export APP_GIT_EXTRA='--recurse-submodules' && /opt/helpers/build-cmake zxing-cpp -DBUILD_UNIT_TESTS=OFF -DBUILD_BLACKBOX_TESTS=OFF -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=OFF && /opt/helpers/build-cmake qxmpp"},
{"name": "Qrca", "application": "qrca", "type": "generic-build", "cmakeParameters": "", "dependency": "/opt/helpers/build-cmake zxing-cpp -DBUILD_UNIT_TESTS=OFF -DBUILD_BLACKBOX_TESTS=OFF -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=OFF"},
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