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Commit ab1aba87 authored by Ben Cooksley's avatar Ben Cooksley

Remove syntax Groovy doesn't like

parent f140832b
......@@ -15,22 +15,17 @@ timestamps {
userRemoteConfigs: [[url: '']]
// Let's build website now
stage('Website build') {
sh """
cd plasma-mobile-org/
#pluto update planet.ini
#ruby -r 'jekyll/planet' -e 'JekyllPlanet.main'
# Workaround for non-complete image urls in Bhushan Shah's blog
#for post in _posts/*; do
# if grep "author:" $post | grep "Bhushan Shah" >/dev/null; then
# sed -i -e 's_/images_' $post
# fi
jekyll build
cd _site; tar cvzf ../plasma-mobile-org.tar.gz .
cd _site
tar cvzf ../plasma-mobile-org.tar.gz .
// Grab the website repository (for later deployment)
stage('Capturing Artifacts') {
archiveArtifacts artifacts: '*.tar.gz', onlyIfSuccessful: true
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