Commit 03ca5a04 authored by Nicolás Alvarez's avatar Nicolás Alvarez

Use anongit (over https) instead of

4f633bf3 replaced git://anongit with https://invent, but to do that
change we would also need to add the group name to every repository, eg.
replace kde:extra-cmake-modules with kde:frameworks/extra-cmake-modules.

Go back to using anongit, but over https: instead of git:, so old
repository paths can keep working.
parent 4f633bf3
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[url ""] [url ""]
insteadOf = kde: insteadOf = kde:
[url "ssh://"] [url "ssh://"]
insteadOf = kde:
pushInsteadOf = kde: pushInsteadOf = kde:
[user] [user]
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