Commit 4bc94fbe authored by Sandro Knauß's avatar Sandro Knauß Committed by Ben Cooksley

Extend Package capabilities to store additional metadata.

Differential Revision:
parent c4ec1a0a
......@@ -275,6 +275,16 @@ with open(arguments.buildLog, encoding='utf-8') as log:
# Initialize the archive manager
ourArchive = Packages.Archive(arguments.environment, 'ABIReference', usingCache = False)
# Determine which SCM revision we are storing
# This will be embedded into the package metadata which might help someone doing some debugging
# GIT_COMMIT is set by Jenkins Git plugin, so we can rely on that for most of our builds
scmRevision = ''
if os.getenv('GIT_COMMIT') != '':
scmRevision = os.getenv('GIT_COMMIT')
if not scmRevision:
scmRevision = subprocess.check_output(["git", "log", "--format=%H", "-n 1", "HEAD"]).strip().decode()
# Now we generate the ABI dumps for every library we have found
for library in foundLibraries:
# Create the ABI Dump for this library
......@@ -284,10 +294,11 @@ for library in foundLibraries:
# This location is controlled by abi-compliance-checker, but follows a predictable pattern
fileName = "abi_dumps/{name}/{version}/ABI.dump".format(,version=library.version)
# Determine the internal version of the library we have found
# This is based off the CMake package metadata we read in above
scmRevision = max([t['SONAME'] for t in library.targets.values()]) # a more hackish way, to save the SONAME in the metadata
# Create a name for this entry in the Package archive and store it there
packageName = "{name}_{scmRevision}".format(, scmRevision=scmRevision)
ourArchive.storePackage(packageName, fileName, scmRevision)
extraMetadata = {
"SONAME": max([t['SONAME'] for t in lib.targets.values()]), # use max because there may be more than one lib inside
"version": lib.version,
"targets": lib.targets.keys(),
packageName = "{name}_{scmRevision}".format(, scmRevision=scmRevision)
ourArchive.storePackage(packageName, fileName, scmRevision, extraMetadata)
import copy
import os
import re
import stat
......@@ -134,17 +135,25 @@ class Archive(object):
return ( localContentsPath, localMetadata )
# Generates the metadata which is stored in the .yaml file that accompanies each package which is stored in the archive
def generateMetadataForFile( self, contentsNeedingMetadata, scmRevision ):
# Extra metadata saved to metadata file, and will be written to yaml file, needs to be a dict like object
def generateMetadataForFile( self, contentsNeedingMetadata, scmRevision, extraMetadata=None ):
# First, determine the timestamp the file was last modified
packageTimestamp = os.path.getmtime( contentsNeedingMetadata )
# Now the checksum
packageChecksum = CommonUtils.generateFileChecksum( contentsNeedingMetadata )
# Build the metadata which we'll be writing out
metadataForPackage = {
metadataForPackage = {}
# If we have extraMetadata for this Package pre-seed the metadata dictionary
if extraMetadata:
metadataForPackage = copy.copy(self.extraMetadata)
# Update/adds the nessary keys, that we want to exist.
'timestamp': packageTimestamp,
'checksum': packageChecksum,
'scmRevision': scmRevision
# Write the YAML out to a temporary file
latestMetadata = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False, mode='w', dir=self.temporaryFileLocation())
......@@ -157,13 +166,14 @@ class Archive(object):
# Stores a package in the archive, either by creation of or updating of an existing package
# As part of this process metadata will be generated for the package we are about to add to the archive to assist in caching later on
# The package and it's metadata will then be uploaded to the remote archive and published, then transferred to our local cache
def storePackage( self, package, archiveFileToInclude, scmRevision = '' ):
# Extra metadata saved to metadata file, and will be written to yaml file, needs to be a dict like object
def storePackage( self, package, archiveFileToInclude, scmRevision = '', extraMetadata=None ):
# Determine the names the metadata and archive files would have respectively
metadataFilename = package + ".yaml"
contentsFilename = package + ".tar"
# Generate metadata for the package we are about to store
archiveMetadata = self.generateMetadataForFile( archiveFileToInclude, scmRevision )
archiveMetadata = self.generateMetadataForFile( archiveFileToInclude, scmRevision, extraMetadata )
# Connect to the upload host
privateKeyFile = os.path.join( os.path.expanduser('~'), 'Keys', + '.key')
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