Commit 711259ce authored by Sandro Knauß's avatar Sandro Knauß Committed by Ben Cooksley

Change from using the CMake package name to using the library name instead.

This handles the case of when the library name changes but the CMake package name stays the same (as different versions of Kasten do)

The metadata is versioned to allow for older builds to continue to be used.

Differential Revision:
parent 123c2a82
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......@@ -121,39 +121,70 @@ if arguments.branchGroup != "kf5-qt5":
# Find all libraries, that are build with the same git commit
libraries = []
def updateAccMetadataVersion(entry):
if not 'accMetadataVersion' in entry:
elif entry["accMetadataVersion"] == 2:
def updateAccMetadataVersion1(entry):
entry["accMetadataVersion"] = 1
entry["cmakePackage"] = entry["libname"]
entry["targets"] = {i:entry["SONAME"] for i in entry["targets"]}
for key, entry in ourArchive.serverManifest.items():
if entry['platform'] != arguments.platform:
if entry["branchGroup"] != arguments.branchGroup:
if entry["project"] == arguments.project and entry["scmRevision"] == scmRevision:
libraries.append(Library(key, entry))
except KeyError:
# Find all availabe reference dumps
# * same libname
# * same cmakePackage
# * same SONAME otherwise we have a ABI bump and than it is safe to break ABI
for l in libraries:
libname = l.library["libname"]
soname = l.library["SONAME"]
cmakePackage = l.library["cmakePackage"]
targets = l.library["targets"]
soname = max(targets.values())
for key, entry in ourArchive.serverManifest.items():
if key == l.packageName:
if entry['platform'] != arguments.platform:
# We want to search for the library
if entry["libname"] == libname:
# only interested, for builds with the same SONAME
if entry['SONAME'] == soname:
l.addCandidate(key, entry)
elif entry['SONAME'] > soname:
# Ignore new SONAMEs on other branchGroups.
# We want to search for the cmakePackage
if entry["cmakePackage"] != cmakePackage:
# Ignore builds on other branches
if keepBuildGroup and entry["branchGroup"] != arguments.branchGroup:
logging.warning("We searched for SONAME = %s, but found a newer SONAME = %s in the builds, that should not happen, as SONAMEs should only rise and never go lower!", soname, entry['SONAME'])
# TODO: as we may have bundled multiple libraries in one cmakePackage,
# we properly need a smater way.
if max(entry["targets"].values()) == soname:
l.addCandidate(key, entry)
sameSONAME = False
for name, target in targets.items():
if entry["targets"][name] == target:
sameSONAME = True
elif entry["targets"][name] > target:
logging.warning("%s: %s has SONAME = %s, but we searched for SONAME %s", entry['scmRevision'], name, entry["targets"][name], target)
except KeyError:
if entry["accMetadataVersion"] == 2:
logging.warning("%s: %s is missing.", entry['scmRevision'], name)
if sameSONAME:
l.addCandidate(key, entry)
# Check every libraries ABI and do not fail, if one is not fine.
# Safe the overall retval state
......@@ -164,11 +195,11 @@ resultsYamlFile = {}
for l in libraries:
library = l.library
libname = library['libname']"Do an ABI check for %s", libname)
cmakePackage = library['cmakePackage']"Do an ABI check for %s", cmakePackage)
candidate = l.candidate()
if not candidate:"Did not found any older build for %s, nothing to check ABI against.",libname)"Did not found any older build for %s, nothing to check ABI against.", cmakePackage)
# get the packages, we want to test against each other
......@@ -177,7 +208,7 @@ for l in libraries:"check %s(old) -> %s(new)", candidate['scmRevision'], library['scmRevision'])
reportPath = "compat_reports/{libname}_compat_report.html".format(libname=libname)
reportPath = "compat_reports/{cmakePackage}_compat_report.html".format(cmakePackage=cmakePackage)
# Basic result yml information
yml = {
......@@ -185,7 +216,7 @@ for l in libraries:
'ownCommit': scmRevision,
'otherCommit': candidate['scmRevision'],
resultsYamlFile[libname] = yml
resultsYamlFile[cmakePackage] = yml
if candidate['scmRevision'] in HASH2TAG:
yml['tag'] = HASH2TAG[candidate['scmRevision']].version
......@@ -194,7 +225,7 @@ for l in libraries:
cmd = [
"-report-path", reportPath,
"-l", libname,
"-l", cmakePackage,
"--old", oldLibraryPath,
"--new", newLibraryPath,
......@@ -193,18 +193,19 @@ class Library:
return d
# Process the various targets our parser found
for t,value in self.__parser_output["targets"].items():
for t, value in self.__parser_output["targets"].items():
# Particularly, we want to extract:
# Library names (sonames)
# The path to the CMake library package
# Any include directories specified by the CMake library package
relib= re.match("^(?P<name>.*)\.so\.(?P<SONAME>.*)$", value["IMPORTED_SONAME_DEBUG"][0])
target = {
"path": value["IMPORTED_LOCATION_DEBUG"][0],
"include_dirs": parseIncludeDirs(value["INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES"]),
except IndexError:
......@@ -353,10 +354,10 @@ for library in foundLibraries:
fileName = "abi_dumps/{name}/{version}/ABI.dump".format(,version=library.version)
extraMetadata = {
"SONAME": max([t['SONAME'] for t in library.targets.values()]), # use max because there may be more than one lib inside
"accMetadataVersion": 2,
"version": library.version,
"targets": list(library.targets),
"targets": {n:l["SONAME"] for n,l in library.targets.items()},
"project": arguments.project,
"branchGroup": arguments.branchGroup,
"platform": arguments.platform,
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