Commit 97dbd5ad authored by Ben Cooksley's avatar Ben Cooksley

Fix a few errors missed previously

parent 34f1f01e
......@@ -268,14 +268,15 @@ class ProductHandler(object):
def platformsFor(self, product, project = None):
# Grab the data for our Product to start with
ourProduct = self.productsData[ product ]['platforms']
ourProduct = self.productsData[ product ]
# Grab the list of platforms we are enabled for in general and go over it
# We have to ensure this project hasn't been blacklisted for each platform in turn
enabledPlatforms = []
for platform in ourProduct['platforms']:
# First, are there any blacklisting rules for this platform at all?
if platform not in ourProduct['skipRepositoriesOnPlatforms']:
# Do we even have any blacklisting rules for this Product?
# And if we do are there any blacklisting rules for this platform?
if 'skipRepositoriesOnPlatforms' not in ourProduct or platform not in ourProduct['skipRepositoriesOnPlatforms']:
# Then we're fine
enabledPlatforms.append( platform )
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