Commit f0735835 authored by Ben Cooksley's avatar Ben Cooksley

Enable building of QCH images by default for Frameworks.

This won't apply outside of the Frameworks product.

Fixes T9655
parent 6a7c9270
cmake-options: "-DBUILD_QCH=TRUE"
force-inject-asan: True
"cmake-options": "-DBUILD_EXAMPLES=ON"
"cmake-options": "-DBINARY_ICONS_RESOURCE=ON"
"cmake-options": "-DBINARY_ICONS_RESOURCE=ON"
......@@ -11,7 +11,12 @@ class Loader(object):
# Start by copying the default settings
self.mergedConfig = self.defaultOptions()
# Where should our configuration file be?
# As an initial starting point, load any configuration options for this whole Product
# These should be located at /build-specs/<Product>.yaml
configFileLocation = os.path.join( CommonUtils.scriptsBaseDirectory(), 'build-specs', product + '.yaml' )
self.loadSpecificationFile( configFileLocation, branchGroup )
# Where should our configuration file be for this specific build?
# It should be at /build-specs/<Product>/<project>.yaml
# As the configuration location already contains /build-specs/ we just have to add on <product> and <project>.yaml
configFileLocation = os.path.join( CommonUtils.scriptsBaseDirectory(), 'build-specs', product, project + '.yaml' )
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