Commit 14266298 authored by Ben Cooksley's avatar Ben Cooksley

I shouldn't be doing this late at night.

Make sure the file always exists
parent 36703f50
......@@ -121,8 +121,8 @@ timestamps {
// Frameworks have a metadata file which specifies the platforms it supports and should be built on
// This check compares that metadata file against the records held by the CI system
sh """
touch PlatformCheckOutput.txt
if [[ -e metainfo.yaml ]]; then python3 ci-tooling/helpers/ '$WORKSPACE/metainfo.yaml' &> PlatformCheckOutput.txt; fi
if [[ -e PlatformCheckOutput.txt ]]; then touch PlatformCheckOutput.txt; fi
// If the platform check indicates there are missing platforms then we should flag the build as unstable
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