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FreeBSD: shuffle documentation

 - move into a subdirectory of its own
 - keep old (FreeBSD-11) documentation around
 - write new FreeBSD-12 documentation with instruction steps
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# FreeBSD 12 Jenkins Worker Installation
> This document describes how to set up a FreeBSD node
> in the KDE CI network. This documentation **might** be
> generic enough to use for FreeBSD 13 installation when
> that comes out.
## Base System
- Get the [FreeBSD 12.0-R][fbsd-12] image and install it.
- Add the following in `/etc/sysctl.conf`:
# ASAN performance mitigations
# Akonadi recommended settings
- Install *pkg(8)* with `pkg install pkg`.
- Update the base system (as needed) with `freebsd-update`.
## Dependencies
- Switch over the package repository (step 1),
add `/usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/FreeBSD.conf` with this content:
FreeBSD: {
enabled: no
- Switch over the package repository (step 2),
add `/usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/ci_repos.conf` with this content:
ci_pkgs: {
url: "pkg+",
mirror_type: "SRV",
signature_type: "none",
enabled: yes,
priority: 10
- Install the [dependency packages][fbsd-deps] with
`pkg install $( cat package-list )`.
- Enable dbus, `sysrc enable_dbus=YES`.
- Run `dbus-uuidgen`.
- Create `/usr/local/etc/libmap.d/gfortran.conf` with this content:
``` /usr/local/lib/gcc8/
[fbsd-deps]: FreeBSD-12-packages.txt
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