Commit 3e36835a authored by Ben Cooksley's avatar Ben Cooksley

Implement support for Cobertura processing

parent 959741b2
......@@ -116,8 +116,17 @@ node( currentPlatform ) {
// cppcheck is not supported by Pipeline at the moment, so we don't run that for now
// See
// Cobertura doesn't support Pipeline either, so no code coverage publishing...
// See
// Perform Cobertura Processing
$class: 'CoberturaPublisher',
autoUpdateHealth: false, autoUpdateStability: false,
coberturaReportFile: 'build/CoberturaLcovResults.xml',
failNoReports: false, failUnhealthy: false, failUnstable: false,
maxNumberOfBuilds: 0,
onlyStable: false,
zoomCoverageChart: false
// Scan the logs and publish a warnings report
warnings consoleParsers: [[parserName: 'GNU Make + GNU C Compiler (gcc)'], [parserName: 'Appstreamercli']], excludePattern: '/tmp/**'
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