Commit 60540375 authored by Ben Cooksley's avatar Ben Cooksley

Add support for building external dependencies for Android builds

parent 1f2675c8
......@@ -53,6 +53,25 @@ timestamps {
sh "python3 -u ci-tooling/helpers/ --product ${productName} --project ${projectName} --branchGroup ${branchGroup} --environment ${ciEnvironment} --platform ${currentPlatform} --installTo '$HOME/install-prefix/'"
// Make sure any Android Specific dependencies for this project are available
stage('Prepare Android Dependencies') {
// On Android only a few things are included as part of the core build
// For extra things we'll need to build them ourselves
// As what we're building will be dependent on this software, we also take steps to ensure it will be captured as part of it
sh """
systemDependencies=`python3 ci-tooling/helpers/ --product ${productName} --project ${projectName} --platform ${currentPlatform} --key externalDependencies`
export DESTDIR=INSTALL_ROOT='$WORKSPACE/install-divert/'
export APP_INSTALL_PREFIX='$HOME/install-prefix/'
// Now we can configure our build
stage('Configuring Build') {
// This is delegated through a helper script to handle minor special cases like inSourceBuilds, non-CMake build systems, etc
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