Commit 707e01a4 authored by Ben Cooksley's avatar Ben Cooksley

Final tweaks. Make sure the Cobertura report is written to disk so Jenkins can read it.

parent bf99af52
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ if sys.platform != "linux" or not buildSpecification['extract-lcov-results']:
# Determine the command we need to run
# We ask GCovr to exclude the build directory by default as we don't want generated artifacts (like moc files) getting included as well
# Sometimes projects will want to customise things slightly so we provide for that as well
commandToRun = 'gcovr -x -e "build/.*" -r "{sources}" {otherArguments}'
commandToRun = 'gcovr -x --output="CoberturaLcovResults.xml" -e "build/.*" -r "{sources}" {otherArguments}'
commandToRun = commandToRun.format( sources=sourcesLocation, otherArguments=buildSpecification['lcov-extractor-arguments'] )
# Now run it!
......@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ node( currentPlatform ) {
$class: 'CoberturaPublisher',
autoUpdateHealth: false, autoUpdateStability: false,
coberturaReportFile: 'build/CoberturaLcovResults.xml',
coberturaReportFile: 'CoberturaLcovResults.xml',
failNoReports: false, failUnhealthy: false, failUnstable: false,
maxNumberOfBuilds: 0,
onlyStable: false,
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