Commit 03b597f6 authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🏡

throw away legacy handling of desktop background color

was only necessary while the images weren't rotated to the fixed color
parent 089ace85
......@@ -48,19 +48,7 @@ sub run {
record_soft_failure "Screen had Plasma 5.12 icons but unstable should't have them!"
assert_screen 'folder-desktop';
if (!check_screen('folder-desktop-color', 4)) {
# TODO: drop once all images have been rotated (~mid Sept 2018)
record_soft_failure 'Testing an old disk image without static wallpaper';
mouse_set 400, 300;
mouse_click 'right';
assert_and_click 'plasma-context-config-folder';
assert_and_click 'plasma-folder-config-background';
assert_and_click 'plasma-folder-config-background-color';
# Should the deafault ever become undesirable: #1d99f3 is the lovely color.
assert_and_click 'kcm-ok';
# Should now be lovely blue.
# Should have been set to lovely blue by the installation test already.
assert_screen 'folder-desktop-color';
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