Commit 054a7210 authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🏡

fully unbreak favorite test

kickoff is having trouble receiving mouse events for position changes if
the only position change is us moving the mouse in. seems a bit fishy
from a Qt POV, but since we currently have an outdated Qt I can't say
if it's that, fixed, or just plasma using it wrong (the docs may no
assertions of this behavior, so I am rather thinking it may be a Qt thing)
parent 8883dc4f
......@@ -21,6 +21,68 @@ use base "basetest_neon";
use strict;
use testapi;
# Slightly changed copy of assert_and_click. Shimmy the mouse around a bit
# before clicking. This is to work around a bug in kickoff's event handling.
# Simply moving the mouse in lets kickoff only get an onEntered/onContainsMouse
# slot call. It's unclear if this is a bug/change in Qt or kickoff not being
# entirely reliable. Seeing as we have to deal with this in multiple versions
# of plasma we need a workaround all the same.
sub assert_shimmy_and_click {
my ($mustmatch, %args) = @_;
$args{timeout} //= $bmwqemu::default_timeout;
$args{button} //= 'left';
$args{dclick} //= 0;
$args{mousehide} //= 0;
my $last_matched_needle = assert_screen($mustmatch, $args{timeout});
bmwqemu::log_call(mustmatch => $mustmatch, %args);
# determine click coordinates from the last area which has those explicitly specified
my $relevant_area;
my $relative_click_point;
for my $area (reverse @{$last_matched_needle->{area}}) {
next unless ($relative_click_point = $area->{click_point});
$relevant_area = $area;
# use center of the last area if no area contains click coordinates
if (!$relevant_area) {
$relevant_area = $last_matched_needle->{area}->[-1];
if (!$relative_click_point || $relative_click_point eq 'center') {
$relative_click_point = {
xpos => $relevant_area->{w} / 2,
ypos => $relevant_area->{h} / 2,
# calculate absolute click position and click
my $x = int($relevant_area->{x} + $relative_click_point->{xpos});
my $y = int($relevant_area->{y} + $relative_click_point->{ypos});
bmwqemu::diag("clicking at $x/$y");
mouse_set($x, $y);
mouse_set($x-1, $y);
mouse_set($x+1, $y);
sleep 1; # Give a chance ot receive the movement events
if ($args{dclick}) {
mouse_dclick($args{button}, $args{clicktime});
else {
mouse_click($args{button}, $args{clicktime});
# move mouse back to where it was before we clicked, or to the 'hidden' position if it had never been
# positioned
# note: We can not move the mouse instantly. Otherwise we might end up in a click-and-drag situation.
sleep 1;
if ($args{mousehide}) {
return mouse_hide();
sub run {
my ($self) = @_;
assert_screen 'folder-desktop';
......@@ -51,17 +113,16 @@ sub run {
assert_screen 'folder-desktop', 60;
# Removes Okular from the favorites tab
assert_and_click 'plasma-launcher';
# Move the mouse far far away in an attempt to not hit
# which may also be a timing issue for us here as technically we shouldn't
# be able to have the mouse already above the okular entry.
mouse_set(0, 0);
assert_and_click 'kickoff-favorite-okular', button => 'right';
assert_and_click 'kickoff-remove-from-favorite';
assert_screen ['kickoff-favorite-okular', 'kickoff-favorite'], 60;
if (match_has_tag('kickoff-favorite-okular')) {
assert_and_click 'plasma-launcher', mousehide=>0;
# NB: use a special fork of assert and click here. kickoffs event handling
# is weirdly off and doesn't correctly detect the active item unless
# we move the mouse around in the mousearea.
assert_shimmy_and_click 'kickoff-favorite-okular', button => 'right',
timeout => 4, mousehide => 0;
assert_and_click 'kickoff-remove-from-favorite', timeout => 4, mousehide => 0;
if (check_screen('kickoff-favorite-okular', timeout => 2)) {
die 'Okular should not be visible on the favorite tab'
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