Commit 18194c10 authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🐬

Revert "archive logs before switching isolation"

This reverts commit 3552fa99.

it looks like my logout fix actually solved the problem I was seeing there
parent d3a5be95
......@@ -190,21 +190,7 @@ sub run {
assert_screen 'calamares-installer-show';
assert_screen 'calamares-oem-config-restart', 1200;
# Archive stuff so we can check what happened. Sometimes it can happen
# that the vt6 is broken for some reason.
select_console 'log-console';
script_run 'journalctl --no-pager -b 0 > /tmp/journal.txt';
upload_logs '/tmp/journal.txt', failok => 1;
assert_script_sudo 'tar cfJ /tmp/installer.tar.xz /var/log/installer';
upload_logs '/tmp/installer.tar.xz';
select_console 'x11';
assert_and_click 'calamares-oem-config-restart';
assert_and_click 'calamares-oem-config-restart', 1200;
# Set final installation data.
# We do this before we expect sddm. If things fail at this point the oem
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