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Commit 42715d58 authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🌼

check_var does not do what you'd think it does :O

it's more like eq iffing best be done via if(get_var
parent c8b7a5a5
...@@ -33,17 +33,15 @@ my $dist = testapi::get_var("CASEDIR") . '/lib/'; ...@@ -33,17 +33,15 @@ my $dist = testapi::get_var("CASEDIR") . '/lib/';
require $dist; require $dist;
testapi::set_distribution(distribution_neon->new()); testapi::set_distribution(distribution_neon->new());
sub load_tests_to_run { if (testapi::get_var("INSTALLATION")) {
autotest::loadtest "tests/";
} elsif (testapi::get_var("TESTS_TO_RUN")) {
for my $testpath (testapi::get_var("TESTS_TO_RUN")) { for my $testpath (testapi::get_var("TESTS_TO_RUN")) {
testapi::diag "loading $testpath"
autotest::loadtest $testpath; autotest::loadtest $testpath;
} }
if (testapi::check_var("INSTALLATION")) {
autotest::loadtest "tests/";
} else { } else {
load_tests_to_run(); testapi::diag 'ERROR FAILURE BAD ERROR no clue what to run!';
exit 1;
} }
1; 1;
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