Commit 46a2abae authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter 🚔

clean out debug and make test succeed again

also add an idle wait after desktop appeared. otherwise there's a chance
the system won't be ready
parent 850dc566
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ sub run {
# wait for the desktop to appear
assert_screen 'desktop', 180;
assert_screen "installer-welcome", 16;
wait_idle; # Make sure system has settled down a bit.
# Installer
assert_and_click "installer-icon";
......@@ -89,18 +89,15 @@ sub post_fail_hook {
my ($self) = shift;
select_console 'x11';
ensure_installed 'curl';
select_console 'log-console';
# Uploads end up in wok/ulogs/
assert_script_run 'journalctl --no-pager -b 0 > /tmp/journal.txt';
upload_logs '/tmp/journal.txt';
assert_script_sudo 'tar cfJ /tmp/installer.tar.xz /var/log/installer';
assert_script_sudo 'ls -lah /tmp/';
assert_script_sudo "chown $testapi::username /tmp/installer.tar.xz";
upload_logs '/tmp/installer.tar.xz';
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