Commit 163636b5 authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter

refactor basetest #boot to go through #login instead of replicating it

the only benefit we had from that was a shorter sddm timeout which we
should not need. worst case the test fails later than it would before, but
since this isn't going to take long in production the short timeout
had no use beyond that
parent cd45ad0c
......@@ -123,18 +123,14 @@ sub boot_to_dm {
# Waits for system to boot to desktop.
# Waits for system to boot and log in (no assertion about desktop).
sub boot {
my ($self, $args) = @_;
# Should be at sddm. Short time out as this only is a VT switch.
assert_screen 'sddm', 4;
type_password $testapi::password;
send_key 'ret';
sub enable_snapd {
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