Commit b3b9dbb0 authored by Harald Sitter's avatar Harald Sitter

fix live test setup to use a needle instead of going down N times

going down N times fucked up xenial-bionic compat because we have different
configs in the two. using the needle we simply go down until the needle
is matched or a counter is exhausted
parent bdb0cbd6
......@@ -192,10 +192,16 @@ sub bootloader {
# can be dropped once neon properly shuts down all the time again!
# Edits grub entry to add more kernel cmdlines.
send_key 'e';
send_key 'down';
send_key 'down';
send_key 'down';
send_key 'down';
my $counter = 8;
while (!check_screen('live-grub-linux', 1)) {
if (!$counter--) {
send_key 'down';
sleep 1;
send_key 'end';
send_key 'left';
send_key 'left';
"area": [
"height": 30,
"match": 95,
"type": "match",
"width": 211,
"xpos": 43,
"ypos": 210
"properties": [],
"tags": [
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