Commit 270361b0 authored by Ben Cooksley's avatar Ben Cooksley

Add support for passing parameters to git when running git-kclone.

This will be necessary for the new API Documentation generation support to come soon in the Binary Factory
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......@@ -117,9 +117,14 @@ for repository in reposToClone:
print("WARNING: The repository '{0}' already exists - skipping".format( repository['identifier'] ))
# Assemble our clone command
# We ignore the first item in argv (our script name) along with the second (which is the pattern we processed earlier) and assume everything else is a parameter to pass to git
cloneParameters = ' '.join( sys.argv[2:] )
# Now perform the clone!
gitCloneCommand = 'git clone "{repositoryUrl}" {pathOnDisk}'
gitCloneCommand = 'git clone {cloneParameters} "{repositoryUrl}" {pathOnDisk}'
commandToRun = gitCloneCommand.format(
repositoryUrl=gitClonePattern.format( repository['repopath'] ),
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