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    Fix location bar being wrongly aligned on first startup · 0cee94ce
    Felix Ernst authored
    When starting Dolphin the very first time, the spacing in front of the
    location bar is wrong. This commit fixes this by completely updating
    all cached geometry every time adjustSpacing() is called. Because this
    happens once on a timer 100 ms after every url change, it will happen
    once shortly after the window is shown. At that point all geometry is
    where it should be and spacing calculation works as expected.
    The ViewContainer geometry retrieval is refactored into a small nested
    helper class in DolphinNavigatorsWidgetAction by the name
    Previously the logic of that class was divided between DolphinTabPage
    and DolphinNavigatorsWidgetAction.
    BUG: 429447
    FIXED-IN: 21.04.0
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