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    Add symmetric padding on right side of details view · 3bf471e0
    Felix Ernst authored
    There have been some reports that users were unable to figure out
    that the padding on the left of the left-most "name" column can be
    used for deselecting or for dropping file items. All of these
    reports were by people using a Dolphin version in which that
    padding was way too narrow because of a regression (that has since
    been fixed). Nonetheless this highlights the potential problem that
    some users might be unable to notice/figure out the usefulness of
    the left padding.
    This commit adds a similar area on the right side of the view when
    the column widths are set automatically by Dolphin. The width of
    the right padding column mirrors the width of the left padding
    column when sized automatically. Both can manually be hidden or
    resized similarly to resizing other columns.
    There are various usability advantages to having this padding by
    default on both sides of the view and not only on the left:
    - The right margin is more discoverable since the item highlight
        ends right before the padding column
    - Less mouse travel time to reach either of the areas
    - More than double the likelihood of users figuring out the
        advantages of these padding areas for deselecting or dropping
    - More visual symmetry
    I had suggested also having this kind of right padding even before
    the initial implementation of the left padding. The contributor
    implementing it was in favour of it. It only wasn't implemented
    because the contributor said it was impossible without a lot of
    work. Turns out adding two characters at the right position seems
    to suffice in most ways.
    This commit does not contain the string change of renaming "Leading
    Column Padding" to "Column Padding" (since it changes two paddings
    now) to not infringe on the string freeze.
    BUG: 452273