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    Improve Touch support · d7b33b76
    Steffen Hartleib authored
    With this patch dolphin now supports the following touch gestures:
    * Tap gesture to interact/open with directories, files and so on
    * TapAndHold and release gesture for access to the context menu (main window, panel folder, places and information)
    * TapAndHold and moving gesture for drag and drop action (main windows, panel folder and places)
    * pinch gesture for zoom in main window
    * kinetic scrolling (QScroller) for main window, panel folder, panel places, panel information, setting preview and service
    * two fingers swipe gesture to left, right and up as shortcut to navigate back, forward and up
    * two finger tap gesture to toggle item selection, similar to Ctrl and left mouse click
    FEATURE: 385066
    FIXED-IN: 20.11.80
     You are currently rebasing branch 'touch' on '85241a92'.
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