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    Fix files not being highlighted if directory of file is already open · fef7eebc
    Alexander Saoutkin authored
    In DolphinTabWidget::openFiles it assumes openDirectories will open new tabs, so it
    only marks the URL selection for the newly opened tabs. This assumption is incorrect
     as Dolphin might reuse tabs when the folder is already open.
    Even then, markUrlsAsSelected does nothing when the folder is already opened.
    The selection seems to only be used when the folder finishes loading, calls made after
    that only change a variable without updating the actual selection.
    A call to DolphinView::updateViewState() is required to restore the intended behaviour, so long as DolphinView::clearSelection() has been called on the relevant tab, otherwise updateViewState() is a no-op.
    BUG: 417230
    FIXED-IN: 19.12.3
    Test Plan:
    1. In any application that has an "open containing folder" select that option
    2. and then do the same for another file in the same folder
    Reviewers: broulik
    Reviewed By: broulik
    Subscribers: kfm-devel
    Tags: #dolphin
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D27389
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